Volunteering can be beneficial in many ways. Besides keeping one busy, it can be a great way to acquire skills in the field they are volunteering in. It can also be an excellent opportunity to travel the world and meet authority figures in the industry.


All these things are an excellent way for young people to build their portfolios. Some benefits might not be seen immediately, but any volunteer activity one does never goes unrewarded in the long run.


The good thing about volunteering is that most opportunities do not look for advanced skills for one to take part. All that is required is to show up. And there are opportunities in pretty much every field one is interested in.

Environmental Awareness Programmes

Climate change has become a concern all over the world. As a result, bodies looking to alleviate the problems of climate change are popping up anywhere. This offers excellent opportunities for people to volunteer in the field.

It may start from the very doorstep, where one can take part in activities such as rubbish collection and tree planting. One can even go ahead and become a crusader in lobby groups which push for positive climate change programmes.

Taking Care of the Aged

Older people are the bridge which society has crossed to get to where it is today. Society thus owes these people good care and protection. Young people can be of great help by offering to aid these people.

It does not have to be assistance, which takes the whole day. It can be something as simple as helping them to take their drugs correctly. One can also introduce them to a livi medical consultation, a model that will help them talk to a GP easily from the comfort of their home.

Political Campaigns

Young people undoubtedly have a significant role to play in picking the right leadership for their countries. This can be done by volunteering in political campaigns for the aspirants they feel have the country’s best interests at heart. Through political volunteering, the volunteers themselves get to learn essential skills from the interaction with the electorate.

Future politicians learn about the behaviour of voters early and can use it later when they begin to pursue their own political ambitions.

Library Services

Libraries are a great resource in every society. They equip the citizenry with resources to improve itself academically. Interestingly, most libraries are always running short of staff. Young people can volunteer to assist in tasks as simple as creating catalogues for the libraries in their areas. While it may seem like an easy task, it will surprise any volunteer the amount of skill they can learn when volunteering in libraries.

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