It takes planning and commitment to run a successful employee volunteer program. Mobilizing your employees to volunteer often proves to be a hard nut to crack for most employers, considering that some employees might see it as something that cuts into their time. In reality, as much as volunteering is meant to help the organization give to the community, the benefits of conducting employee volunteer programs will be felt at the workplace.

Employees, in most instances, need to be encouraged to get actively involved in volunteer programs. Here are several ways you can encourage your employees to volunteer.

Paid Time Off From Work

Offering your employees paid time off work can encourage them to join an employee program. This does not mean that they are against giving back to the community – they might be too engaged in personal and family obligations. Paid time off, thus, allows them to champion your cause without interfering with their schedules.

Create an Opportunity to Develop New Skills

Another way to encourage employees to participate in volunteering programs is to provide them with a chance to learn new skills. An opportunity to learn a new skill that might come in handy in the future is often a key incentive for an employee to join the cause.

Engage Employees When Developing New Programs

When rolling out any volunteer program, you need to acknowledge the fact that your employees will be at the heart of any undertaking. As such, it is prudent to listen and take in their concerns. This will help you identify causes they are passionate about or possible improvement areas. If employees like what they do, they will always be willing to jump at the chance to volunteer.

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