Most millennials want to use their talents to give back to their communities. With some IT-skills, for instance, it is possible to impact people’s lives in more ways than you would ever have imagined. That said, here are some ways techies can use their skills for a good cause.

Learn a New Skill

Part of giving back to the community involves learning. Some organizations bring people together, teach them technical skills, and offer them a platform to use their knowledge to benefit non-profits. Whatever technical skill you learn, you can always use it for the betterment of those around you.

Join a Community

Finding a community or team of other individuals who want to give back to the community is a good place to start. Working around the right people will certainly help you leave a better impact. The good thing about joining a community of techies is that you are matched with what you are passionate about.

Attend a Hackathon

Some organizations are passionate about using technology to help build a better world. Hackathons, in particular, are gatherings of techies that are designed to come up with technologies aimed at helping social ventures and non-profits.

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